Pig head in surau at UM

Pig head in surau at UM
Abdul Rahim Sabri and Koh Shing Yee | Jan 16, 09 12:04pm

When dawn broke, Mohd Azlan Zainal and his friend Ahmad Shahrir woke up as usual in order to perform their morning prayers.

But the two University Malaya students were stunned to discover a pig's head on the floor of the surau located in the Islamic studies academy.

pig head carcass in universiti malaya um mosque surau 160109 11Sliced in two, the animal's head was placed on a PAS flag and inscribed on the flag were the words 'PMI', 'ProM' and 'PAS'.

It is apparent that the culprits were seeking to link the Islamic opposition party PAS to Persatuan Mahasiswa Islam (Islamic Students Association) and the pro-Mahasiswa (pro-students) faction on campus.

The incident comes as students gear up for their campus polls slated for Jan 19.

At about 8.30am, the pig's head was removed by policemen and taken away in a patrol car.

PMI, which called for a press conference this afternoon, expressed "shock and outrage" over the incident.

"It is a disgrace to a holy place," lamented its president Mohd Haafizuddin Abi Rerah who could not understand why someone would do this.

Asked about security in the area, he said the CCTV cameras were not working and security personnel only go on their patrols at two-hour intervals.

Quizzed on PMI-PAS links

Mohd Azlan, who was also present, told reporters that he spotted a "suspicious white object" on the floor of the surau.

"When I realised what it was, I got shocked and immediately woke up those who were sleeping in the surau," said the 24-year-old literature and social science student.

There were six students who had spent the night in the surau.

universiti malaya um pig head carcass found in surau mosque pc 160109 09"The police recorded my statement and questioned me about PMI's links with PAS. We (PMI) are often labelled as the opposition here," said the former PMI exco member.

However, Mohd Azlan doubts that the incident is the work of a student. Instead, he said, it could be the work of a 'certain quarter' who feels that the campus elections would have an 'effect' on them.

This is not the first time that such an incident has happened.

Last month, a wild boar head was found hanging next to a banner advertising an event organised by anti-pig farming group Majlis Permuafakatan Ummah (Pewaris) in Malacca.

The banner, which was hung on the fence of Sekolah Kebangsaan Pengkalan Balak, highlighted issues concerning the Malay community, including a pig farm in nearby Paya Menkuang.

Pig breeders in the area denied any involvement in the incident.

A week later, Pewaris 'gate-crashed' an anti-ISA event to call on PAS leader Abdul Hadi Awang to take up the issue.

Agak-agak lah, apa pendapat sahabat2 semua pasal ni? dah la dalam surau..ada jugak manusia terkutuk buat kerja mcm ni..laknatlah sape2 yang buat....

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i.am.belle said...

ya allah. siapalah yg sanggup buat mcm tu. patut dilakhnat Allah. subhanallah.

apisz said...

memang takde hati dan perasaan..dan org2 ini tergolong dlm golongan musuh Allah...

semoga kita semua masih dijalan yang benar...

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astaga..bongok nya durang ni...

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vida, tu bukan setakat bongok..dah tahap celaka dah tu...huhu...